Infinity- Marut Aleph TAG


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Infinity- Marut Aleph TAG

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They are Remote presence TAGs, made in PanOceania but optimized with weapon designs using cutting edge human technology prototypes or captured alien technical components. Covered with weapons, huge, and amazingly strong, they have an imposing and menacing appearance. Maruts are loaded with combat Aspects when ALEPH considers it necessary to provide a serious show of force. They are often used as emissaries to deliver the strongest of messages, imposing their conditions on the few survivors of their attacks. The operations they carry out are spectacular and devastating, but no recordings of them exist. For the most part, all material related to Maruts is classified as Top Secret. In fact, many analysts question their existence. There is no evidence of official reports related to them, as any information relating to Maruts is automatically erased by ALEPH from Maya and also from all government nets…