Corvus Belli- Infinity- Dart Optimate Huntress


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Corvus Belli- Infinity- Dart Optimate Huntress (Submachine Gun, Grenades)

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Blister with:

  • 1x DART (Submachine Gun)

Dart is the rich heiress of a business conglomerate specialized in the manufacture of biochemical compounds. Her passion and dedication to extreme sports led her to enroll in Aristeia! as the icon of her own company, Aura Biochemicals, where she could finally enjoy the challenge of hunting the best aristos of the Human Sphere.

After she earned glory and fame, more than she could have ever imagined, ALEPH sent her a proposal: become Posthuman. Bored of Aristeia!, she accepted a position within the Optimates, a group of Posthumans that works hand by hand with the SSS. Since then, once again she can enjoy hunting aliens from the Combined Army in the jungles of Paradiso.


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