October 2020 Newsletter


Infinity N4

Did you miss out?  Well what are you waiting for?  Not sure what Infinity is?

Infinity is a 28mm metal miniatures game simulating special operations and skirmishes in a high technology sci-fi universe; an exciting and action-packed near-future where secret missions, black ops, and covert actions determine the destiny of the Humankind.
Infinity boasts innovative and dynamic rules that keep both players engaged and participating throughout the entire game sequence.

Kings of War Halpi’s Rift

Looking for some spicy goodness to your Kings of War?

Halpi’s Rift is a brand new campaign book for Kings of War, which includes rules for using the magic bleeding into the world of Pannithor in your games! Also includes the latest Clash of Kings rules updates.


Saga – Age of Hannibal 

Age of Hannibal is a Saga supplement that covers the three Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage that took place between 264 and 146 BC.

What? Saga with elephants! What are you waiting for?