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    Carnevale: Gifted Dice

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    From White Dove to Black Spectre, the Gifted are an enigmatic group of individuals that sometimes come together to form a gang that is greater than the sum of their parts.

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    Carnevale: Fate and Justice

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    It’s not known who Fate nor Justice were before the Rent in the Sky opened. Whether they were simply people changed by the opening of that celestial rip, none will know.

    Given their stoic and universal nature though, it’s highly likely that these beings have existed for eons, and the magic of the Rent has simply given them corporeal form, or tied their essence to unlikely bystanders.

    One thing is known about them though, and that’s that once Fate & Justice mark you, they will not stop until you are dead. Their relentless nature is known to all, and if you become their quarry, they will not rest nor eat, pursuing you through day and night and even solid walls until Fate reads your name in his book, or Justice strikes you down with her Sword of Balance, restoring fairness to the universe.

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    Carnevale: Gifted- Commedia Dell’arte

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    The Rent in the Sky touched some more than others, giving them otherworldly powers, but cursing them to a life of madness. The Commedia dell’Arte are blessed with eldritch skills but cursed to slowly turn into the very characters they portray on stage.

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    Carnevale: Gifted- White Dove

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    White Dove was the very first Gifted to reveal herself. In a daring attack on a ship full of spies, White Dove flew out to the harbour and blasted it apart in a fiery cavalcade of white hot beams summoned from the aether. In full view of St Marks Square during a mass mourning, this show of force changed the world forever.

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    Carnevale: Gifted-The Duke

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    The Duke is a man of opposites. His duality knows no bounds – offering service to those who need it one night, then turning on them for coin the next. Although obviously Gifted by the Rent, his powers are relative unknowns too – able to blend into his surroundings and disappear at will.

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    Carnevale: Gifted- Harlequin

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    See the dancing, daring performance that the whole city is talking about! The boy who cannot die! See him jump from rooftops, leap across canals, cartwheel down the street, and even fall from the tallest tower without harm! Come today and reap the rewards!

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    Carnevale: Gifted- The Abberation

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    This resident of the Ospedale reacted to treatment in a way previously unseen by any of the Doctors. The patient mutated and erupted into a mass of tentacles, destroying the lab and slaughtering its captors, leaving none alive that would be able to repeat the procedure. The creature disappeared into the night, with no witnesses to speak of.

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    Carnevale: Gifted- Fadhila

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    A mysterious woman from far off lands, Fadhila keeps her private life exactly that. While she is the very life of parties (parties she’s paid to attend), her history and true self are reserved for only her closest confidantes. Unlike her powers! Projecting protective bubbles she is able to shield those close to her from harm, and is always keen to show off her gifts.

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    Carnevale: Gifted- Burattino

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    There are few tales as strange as that of Divuorafuoco and Burattino. So it goes that distraught after his family died in the calamity from the heavens, Divuorafuoco turned inwards to his craft. Left old and alone, he tried to recreate the happiness of a family, making a new son from the same tree as that which stood on his family burial ground.

    Yet this would be no ordinary marionette. Given gifts from the Rent in the Sky, anything Divuorafuoco crafted would be cursed with life, and the puppet Burattino was born. An evil presence, imbued with the tortured souls of those Divuorafuoco lost, Burattino seeks vengeance on the living. Tied together with imperceptible strings, Divuorafuoco has no choice but to follow his own creation into the night, watching it butcher its way through Venice with an eerie silence.