PSG- Rumbleslam Episode

A great talk about a great game from some local gamers.

As usual, POWER STANCE GAMING PODCAST is bough to you by DAVE’S GAMES. Check them out at for all your niche (and not so niche) gaming needs! Part B on an unintended two-parter sees the boys chatting about the plight og the Part Time Gamer – what that means and how you can overcome it. Also, Jacob and Muddi share their experiences playing New Angeles, and muse on some of the key game mechanics, meanwhile Greg makes sure the lighting is juuuuuuust right…   Segments featured: Listener Question, Game Review (kinda) In 2019 make sure you get involved! Share to everyone you think may be keen to listen – and if you have ideas for topics, questions or want to give us some feedback please get on to us at: Facebook page - – is the best place to do that (and BUY OUR MERCH). Podbean – Email – Youtube – Try and tweet us at – @psgamingpodcast