The Vatican

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    Carnevale: The Vaticans Dice

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    Pope Clement XV has sent his troops to Venice to hunt down any magic users, and secretly to hunt down Cardinal Antonelli’s blasphemous texts. His forces have been met with nothing but hostility since their arrival, and he’s hoping to turn the tide…


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    Carnevale: The Vatican- Starter Gang

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    The forces of the Vatican are led by Pope Clement XV, a person inextricably linked with the emergence of the Rent in the Sky, and
    therefore the death of millions. They have come to Venice to jealously guard the secret of magic in the most brutal ways possible.

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    Carnevale: The Vatican- Dogmatists

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    Some within the forces of the Vatican are merely charlatans. Non-believing opportunists simply out for bloody battle. A great many though believe in Pope Clement XV’s sermons entirely, giving their bodies and souls to their new style of worship.

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    Carnevale: The Vatican- Armed Forces

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    The occupation of Venice by the Vatican has left a sour taste in the mouths of its citizens. Leading the armies of Avignon is Patriarch Bishop de Bernis, a powerful mage sent by the Pope himself to retake the godless lands with extreme prejudice.

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    Carnevale: The Vatican- Witch Hunters

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    Excommunicated from the Church before the Rent in the Sky opened, Felix Baumgertner and Thomas Thieme set out on their own. With beliefs that in the old days were seen as blasphemous, their hunt carried on regardless. Now that the Rent has brought monsters into the world their beliefs have found a new home, and while they might not agree with the zealotry of the new Vatican, they’re happy for the opportunity to enter Venice and track down the creatures of the night.