Dystopian Wars- Hachiman Battlefleet Set


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Dystopian Wars- Hachiman Battlefleet Set

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Squadrons of deadly Rin Exosubs can launch from the Hachiman’s twin magnetic accelerator tubes. These nimble automata skim the surface before plunging beneath the waves, reconfiguring into a torpedo-like form. Devastating the enemy at close range, the Exosubs rocket to the surface in flight mode and return to the Hachiman for redeployment.

All the coastal nations of the Empire design, build and crew their own sea-going vessels. Osaka cruisers are a source of great pride within the Empire, and the expansion of their borders necessitates deploying them more visibly, something that has been welcomed by Japanese commanders especially.

Squadrons of Chubu Hunter Submarines prowl the Sea of Japan and beyond looking for targets of opportunity. These deadly vessels are armed with multiple torpedo launchers to achieve a swift kill.

The Japanese favour Kyoto fast frigates when running their patrols between the far-flung islands of their homeland. The vessels are ideally suited for this task and for new sailors a year on a Kyoto is their first experience of the proud naval traditions of the Blazing Sun.


  • 1x Hachiman Assault Carrier (may also be built as Akita or Matsumoto Class)
  • 3x Cruisers (may be built as Osaka, Kanagawa, Honshu, Hokkaido, Miyagi, Okinawa, Yamaguchi or Ishikawa Class)
  • 12x Chita Automata
  • 3x Submersibles (may be built as Koromodako, Kensai, Ryujin, Mizuchi, Umibozu or Kagutsuchi Class)
  • 6x Kyoto Frigates
  • 3x Chubu Submarines
  • 3x Sakata Destroyers
  • 3x Rin Exosub Tokens
  • 3x SRS Tokens

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.