Dystopian Wars- Akula Battlefleet Set


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Dystopian Wars- Akula Battlefleet Set

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Flagship of the Black Wolf Mercenary Fleet and commanded by the charismatic Volodymyr Nikonov, the Death Bringer is feared around the globe. Stolen from the Enlightened during a presentation to the Tsar, Nikonov ensured the Death Bringer was an utterly unique masterpiece by destroying the blueprints and setting the shipyards ablaze.

Extrapolated by Ukrainian engineers from charred blueprints of the stolen Death Bringer, the Akula is still the most powerful in the Ukrainian Submarine Command. One element that was successfully replicated was the Akulas magnetohydrodynamic drive enabling the boat to approach virtually undetected before striking.

Based in Odesa, Ukrainian Submarine Command (UPK) has the lead in subnautical warfare and exploration for the Commonwealth. With an impressive training academy in nearby Zatoka, the UPK provides a steady supply of skilled submariners and vessels like the lethally fast Khyzhak class.

Fast and deadly, the Piranya hunter submarines patrol in packs along the Black Sea and the Bering Strait. With a complement of twelve, the Piranya make for a close-knit boat crew, ideal for such vessels with sparse living comforts on month-long duty beneath the waves.


  • 3x Grand Submarine
    • Can be built as either the Death Bringer or Akula Class ship
  • 6x Khyzhak Attack Submarines
  • 6x Piranya Hunter Submarines

Please Note

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.
  • Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars website.