Dystopian Wars- Gloriana Battlefleet Set


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Dystopian Wars- Gloriana Battlefleet Set

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When HMS Gloriana was launched in 1851, she was an apex predator without rival. Even today, these imposing vessels are able to rout entire battlefleets alone and fear nothing, giving rise to vessels in her image being desired by all the Great Powers, but never exceeded.

Tough and reliable airships, the Prydain has served the Crown for two decades, replacing the Glaisher class war balloons after the debacle during the Rout at Mboto Gorge. Despite their age, the Prydain still prove to be more than a match for the latest aeronautic vessels of the other Great Powers.

Reliable workhorses of the Crown’s aerial ambitions, squadrons of Tintagels patrol every corner of the globe. Bow-mounted detectors reveal enemy submersibles to allies and embarked troops are ready to drop in and storm enemy fortifications.

While the hull has remained relatively unchanged for more than fifty years, the Albion class Cruisers have received a regular schedule of upgrades integrating newer technology to keep these venerable vessels relevant and capable in this Dystopian Age.

Crews of Caliburn Frigates are renowned for their fearlessness in the face of larger and more deadly adversaries. Though some will be lost in the attempt, they valiantly battle in her Majesty’s name.


  • 1x Gloriana Dread-Naught (may also be built as either a Camelot or Adventurer)
  • 2x Prydain War Rotors
  • 2x Tintagel Battle Rotors
  • 4x Cruisers (may be built as either Albion or Bedivere Class)
  • 8x Caliburn Frigates
  • 4x Saxon Scout Rotors
  • 1x Quickstart Booklet

Please Note:

  • Mniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.