Dystopian Wars- Fortune and Glory 2 Player Starter Set


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Dystopian Wars- Fortune and Glory 2 Player Starter Set

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The Great Powers vie for control of the world’s trade routes, unleashing mercenary forces to disrupt shipping and sow chaos and confusion to destabilise their rivals. Two of the most notable of these privateers are The Crimson League and The Honorable Eclipse Company.

The Crimson League is led by Princess Scheherazade. Escaping the traditions of her royal family, she joined the Covenant of the Enlightened only to leave when the Egalitarian and Custodians schism came to the fore. Now, she operates following her own unknowable plan. Angry at the power of the Order within the Sultanate, she lashes out, taking contracts that appear to have nothing to do with the religious zealots, only for some to realise later that there was design all along.

The Honorable Eclipse Company have secured lucrative escort contracts with significant clients around the globe. The HEC offer security and defence solutions to those who cannot apply direct political or military action in safeguarding their investments. The HEC have had major investment from the Union of Federated States and often that Great Power has used the Company when the deployment or involvement of a Union battlefleet may be politically unwise. Though some might call the involvement of the HEC an unwelcome influence by the Union in global affairs, in truth, many commanders have found that their need for support in a theatre of engagement can only be solved by hiring the Honorable Eclipse Company.

Fortune and Glory contains two mercenary battlefleets that can be used with any Faction making this box set a must-buy for any Dystopian Wars player. Add additional airpower to your existing forces, but make sure you pay them or you could be their next contract!


  • 1x Excelsior Class Heavy Aircruiser. (May also be built as Venture or Custodian Class)
  • 3x Steward Class Sentry Airships. (May also be built as Constellation, Republic, Ticonderoga or Ranger Class)
  • 5x Bogota Class Carryall
  • 5x Union SRS Tokens
  • 1x Lyceum Aerial Dreadnought
  • 3x Nasr Class Skyship. (May also be built as Awsbiri or Muharib Class)
  • 3x Hirka Class Skycutter
  • 3x Alsaqr Class Skybarque
  • 3 x Sultanate SRS Tokens
  • 2x Titan Class Heavy Conveyer. (May be built as Passenger, Freight or Oil Variants)
  • 2x Merchant Ships
  • 2x Escort
  • 2x Small Ship Tokens
  • 2x Ground Assault Detachment Tokens

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Printed materials is supplied in English.