Carnevale: Venetian Buildings


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Since the Rent in the Sky opened and changed the world forever, Venice has seen an upswing in its economy. Entire districts are getting rebuilt, with new parts of the lagoon dredged up almost weekly.

However, there are plenty of areas of Venice that are still living in poverty. While the Church of Dagon helps who it can, the ruling classes care little for the squalor of the poorest in Venice. Their houses are still in disrepair, with plaster crumbling and bricks falling out.

Still, no amount of disrepair will stop the roving gangs from climbing and leaping across the buildings of Venice, trying to out-maneuver their opponents.

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This pack contains 8 exquisitely detailed card buildings. In all manner of colours and styles, they sit perfectly in a district of Venice on the board. They go together simply and easily, allowing you to be tabletop ready within minutes. With flat roofs and a sturdy design, these buildings are a must for climbing and jumping across during your games.

There are also two card bridges, perfect for spanning canal sections and making traversal of Venice a little bit easier (if you don’t have gills).