Carnevale: Crumbling Buildings


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Venice is a bustling city, packed with buildings. Tight streets and narrow alleys provide the perfect backdrop for gangs to slip through the night without detection, the tall buildings masking their advances.

Sneaking through the quiet streets and across the bubbling canals is only part of the skirmishes in Venice though. A street fight in La Serenissima is won or lost through careful positioning of fighters. Staying on the ground will find you prey to all manner of horrors down dark alleys or worse – from the depths of the water.

Scaling a building gives a distinct advantage, able to see the entire district. There’s nothing more exhilirating than leaping across the rooftops. And there’s nothing more deadly than chasing your opponents over the skyline of Venice before striking from above.

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This pack contains 8 exquisitely detailed card buildings. With cracks across the surface and exposed brickwork, they sit perfectly in a district of Venice on the board. They go together simply and easily, allowing you to be tabletop ready within minutes. With flat roofs and a sturdy design, these buildings are a must for climbing and jumping across during your games.

There are also four card bridges, perfect for spanning canal sections and making traversal of Venice a little bit easier (if you don’t have gills).