Victrix- Greek Unarmoured Hoplites and Archers


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Victrix- Greek Unarmoured Hoplites and Archers

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Victrix Miniatures – Greek unarmoured Hoplites and archers

Each set contains 48 Hoplites or Peltasts/Javelin men and 8 archers or slingers totalling an incredible 56 high quality figures per box.

The figures a truly superb, and we feel these are some of our best figures to date. The proportions are more naturalistic without veering away too much from the style wargamers have come to expect. The muscle tone, cloth and facial detail on these figures is fantastic and combined with some great animation they really will look splendid on the gaming table.

This superb set contains 56 high quality plastic Greek unarmoured Hoplites and archers.


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