Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Lead by Example Squad Pack


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Star Wars: Shatterpoint – Lead by Example Squad Pack

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A wizened Jedi Master and his famed squad of clone troops joins the battles of Star Wars: Shatterpoint in this new Squad Pack!

Plo Koon is respected throughout the Jedi Order for his level-headed demeanor and calm approach to battle. As the Jedi General of the famed “Wolfpack,” he enters Star Wars: Shatterpoint as a Primary Unit alongside his trusted lieutenant Clone Commander Wolffe as a Secondary Unit.

They’re joined by two 104th Battalion Clone Troopers from the famed “Wolfpack” as a Supporting Unit to form a complete squad that can be fielded on its own, or players can choose to add these characters to their own custom squads.

Rounding out this pack is the Padawan Ahsoka Tano originally released as a Hobby Next promo who represents an alternate Secondary Unit option.