Rumbleslam- Sapphire Fiend


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Rumbleslam- Sapphire Fiend

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If there’s another wrestler in all of RUMBLESLAM that can match the Sapphire Fiend for sheer awesomeness, then… well I quite want to meet that wrestler, because this guy is already so awesome.

With no real weak spots on his statline (save for those unreliable Copper dice on DEF) and loads of Stamina, this guy really does have it all. Grapples, Rope Attacks, and a Turnbuckle move, he’s the full package. The real winner (for my dosh) is Boo! This Rope Attack has Jump and Rocket, which means that provided he’s near a rope, he can hit literally anyone in the ring.

Contains 1 resin miniature and 1 clear acrylic base. Acrylic bases will have coloured film on that needs removing before assembly.

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.