Rumbleslam Mythos


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Rumbleslam Mythos

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“Mythos first entered RUMBLESLAM in a blaze of hellfire and turned a promising match into carnage. Leo was just about to be thrown out, his attacker the sure favourite for victory, until Mythos struck him from behind. The demon lord didn’t stop with one blow as he stomped on the downed wrestler until there was nothing left of him. Leo turned to the demon wanting to thank him, but was instead greeted with a savage punch. Another malicious roar sounded as Mythos battered the weakened victor before vanishing once again in a cloud of fire and brimstone.”
We’ve had plague monsters, zombie badasses, and giant dinosaurs. But this is the first true evil demon RUMBLESLAM has unleashed.

So what does this giant flaming thing do? Well, the key is in the flames, really. Immolation Aura is an Active Ability that just sets people on fire! No roll, no defence, just that anyone in base contact with Mythos takes Damage. Just watch out for your own wrestlers!

Other than that, Mythos has a whole load of great abilities, including Clothes Line From Hell (unsurprisingly), which has the important Throw special rule. Not that he needs much help throwing wrestlers around, as his Grapple is a ridiculous 2 Gold and 1 Copper! Ow ow ow.

Wrestling for The Feral Den means that Mythos works very well with The Raging Beasts, who always benefit from another damage dealer. He’s also great in high Stamina teams like The Runic Thunder, where his Immolation Aura won’t even hurt them very much!

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled with a unique character profile card and clear acrylic base. Note that clear acrylic bases may have a coloured peelable protective film.

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