Knights of Dice- Immortals Hall

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Knights of Dice- Immortals Hall

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These hermetically sealed passageways allow the Cypher Kings that have not yet finished their dark slumber to traverse between Stasis Pyramids and plot their nefarious machinations.

This versatile kit is designed to use as a tunnel or bridge between two of the Stasis Pyramid kits. It will fit over the centre pillar on the Stasis Vault, Stasis Crypt and Stasis Tomb. It comes complete with two end caps, so it can be used as a standalone structure or as an extended entrance on one of the pyramid kits. The end caps are also compatible with the Stasis Door Pack, and nay unused end caps can be combined with a Stasis door piece to create a small standalone structure. This is the longer of the tunnel kits, with the Immortals Chamber available if you want a shorter length of corridor.

Made from 3mm MDF. This product is sold as a flat-pack kit. It is sold unpainted and requires assembly