Infinity Code One – Operation Crimson Stone


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Infinity Code One – Operation Crimson Stone

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One of the most eagerly-awaited moments of the year is here! Infinity CodeOne incorporates two factions into the game: Ariadna and Nomads.

The Nomad facilities at Hlökk Station hold the location of a huge Teseum asteroid found in the outer area of the Brísingamen Belt. This rock menaces the primacy of Ariadna in Concilium Prima’s Teseum market, but that’s nothing that cannot be solved with a quick covert operation. There is no colder war than one fought in the void.

14 miniatures belonging to the two different armies of the Nomads and Ariadna, an introductory ruleset, Hlökk Station Scenery Pack, game accessories, and the exclusive miniature Wolfgang Amadeus Wolff, Mercenary Wulver.

Everything you need to play Infinity CodeOne and dive into the rich Infinity universe in a box. Choose a Side!