Dystopian Wars- Honourable Eclipse Company Battlefleet Set


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Dystopian Wars- Honourable Eclipse Company Battlefleet Set

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Tales of the Honourable Eclipse Company had spread through the military forces of the Union of Federated States over the past few years. Being a largely aerial based force they had influence over land battles, naval conflicts and particularly in air based assaults. Opinions were largely varied. For some, they were a welcome reinforcement, arriving just in time to save the day. For others, a logistical complication. More traditional strategists were annoyed that the HEC operated with their own autonomy, frustratedly figuring out how to incorporate them into the larger operations while still allowing them creative execution of their orders. Then there were some that hated the apparently “honourable” mercenaries. Those men who experienced what it was like when the paycheck ran out. Soldiers whose last look at the HEC was as they withdrew from battle without warning. The contract was over and damn the eyes of whoever had the misfortune of fighting alongside them. Fortunately for the Honourable Eclipse Company, survivors in this instance were rare and few lived to spread word. Besides, the press offices of the HEC did great work making them look good.


  • 1x Custodian (may also be built as Excelsior or Venture Class)
  • 3x Steward (may also be built as Constellation, Republic, Ticonderoga or Ranger Class)
  • 5x Bogota Carryalls
  • 5x SRS Tokens

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.