Dropzone Commander- Ferrum Falcon Gunships


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Dropzone Commander- Ferrum Falcon Gunships

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The Ferrum Falcon is just as fast and manoeuvrable as the Raven, although it is also lightly armoured. This makes it best employed against unfortunate, defenceless ground targets.

The Ferrum Falcon Gunship is armed with Twin Miniguns. These have been calibrated for focused, converging fire. The sheer volume of lead these shell-hoses can send downrange is capable of shredding a main battle tank in seconds.

Alternatively the Ferrum Falcon Gunship can be armed with AP/AA Missiles. These provide versatile anti-tank and anti-air firepower. A great addition to any army going against any foe whether they have land or air units.

Contains 2 multi-part resin miniature.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled. Any miniatures or scenery are shown for scale only and not included.