Dropfleet Commander- UCM Dreadnought



Dropfleet Commander UCM Dreadnought

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At 1750 metres long and triple a Battleship’s displacement, Dreadnoughts are the most powerful warships ever produced by mankind. Their prodigious firepower allows a single one to engage and annihilate a small fleet unassisted. Commanded by only the most decorated Admirals, each of these mighty vessels is a legend in its own right. The London class packs a staggering array of conventional mass drivers – fifty, to be exact. The rarer Washington class can unleash a swarm of bombers equivalent to an entire carrier taskforce.

Introducing the biggest ships that Dropfleet Commander has ever seen. One of the most detailed spaceship kits of all time, the UCM Dreadnought measures 195mm long, with the twin-bodied hull synonymous with UCM engineering.

This set includes parts to make either the UCM London class or the UCM Washington Dreadnought. The London has a ridiculous 20 Mass Driver Turrets, which – when going Weapons Free – can fire 40 shots. Meanwhile the Washington forgoes outright firepower for a Launch capacity of 15!

Experimental rules for UCM Dreadnoughts can be found here.

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled with a multi-part plastic base. Note that this is an advanced modelling kit and may need small gaps filling and pieces gently heated and bent to fit.

Construction Instructions