Dropfleet Commander- PHR: Harpocrates Guerilla Lighters


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Dropfleet Commander- PHR: Harpocrates Guerilla Lighters

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This set contains 6 PHR Harpocrates Guerrilla Lighter. With smooth armour and technical EMP plates, it’s very obviously PHR!

Cast in a single piece, the model has fine detail and large plates reminiscent of Dropzone’s Erebos walker. The Harpocrates does one thing, and one thing very well: shut down enemy ships. Its EM Warfare Suite does no damage, but forces an opponent to go on Silent Running, effectively shutting down its movement and weapons. Ouch!

Contains 6 resin miniatures and plastic Dropfleet Commander bases and flight stands.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled. Other ships and gaming mats are for scale purposes only.