Carnevale- Blood on the Water


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Carnevale- Blood on the Water

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Blood on the Water is Carnevale’s first campaign expansion book. Written by returning authors Gav Thorpe and Lewis Clarke and joined by David laPorta, this book introduces a whole new narrative, exploring each faction.

In addition to a wealth of new background story, this book contains the full updated
Carnevale rulebook, including new additions for advanced players.

With Reactions to your opponents’ moves, Advanced Acrobatics, and ways to customise your gang like never before with the fated Ill Tides and Artifacts, this is the most up-to-date, balanced, and exciting Carnevale ruleset ever.

There are also 15 new scenarios, guiding your gangs through the story and letting you fight this new era out on the tabletop yourselves.

At 112 pages, this softback book is every Carnevale player’s dream. Filled with beautiful new art, fully updated rules and the next chapter of the story, it really has everything you could need.