Battle Kiwi- Star Wars Legion Battle Box


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Battle Kiwi- Star Wars Legion Battle Box

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The Legion Battle Box is here!

This great new box not only carries all your tokens, measuring sticks, activation discs and dice…it also holds and organises your Legion force in easy to use layout trays.

Deploy to the battlefield with style and speed. You’ll quickly be ready to crush the rebellion or bring hope to the galaxies…

Features include multiple slots for unit cards and upgrades, along with top slots to display spent weapons, active command card, unit id tokens or even status markers and wounds. Each tray is magnetized to easily slide out and be ready to use. And stack them up for fast pack up at end of game!
Compatible to fit inside standard size Battlefoam bags.


1 x Battle Box for tokens etc
4 x Unit Trays (for 8 units*)
1 x Cover lid