Battle Kiwi- MCP Marvellous Battle Box Star Shield


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Battle Kiwi- MCP Marvellous Battle Box Star Shield

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Perfectly balanced as all things should be!

The ultimate Marvel’ous battle box contains all you need to organise your heroes and villains, and conquer the crisis protocol.

This ‘all you need’ battle box holds up to 6 character cards* (additional trays available**), tracks power, damage and objective tokens – easy to use and see – for both you and your opponent, offering a smoother game experience.

Each character tray is magnetized to easily slide out and be ready to use and customize your dream team. The stacked design, makes for quick set up and super speedy pack up at end of game.

Includes movement and range ruler tray to confidently organize your super powered showdown.
Use your gauntlet marker to clearly track your victory points, whilst simultaneously tracking the round.

Features a mission control base box for your heroic tokens, with two card* holding areas for your mission and team tactic card decks. Also includes dice storage area that offers the option of being used as a dice tray. All layers stack with magnetised closures on top of the mission control base box.

Select your own Battle Box affiliation cover lid design from StarShield or TentiSkull as shown.

Make this Marvelous Battle Box your priority and you’re on your way to victory!


1 x Battle Base Box for tokens, cards and dice
3 x Unit Trays (for 6 characters*)
1 x template and range ruler tray with VP & round tracking
1 x Engraved Cover lid

Comes fully pre-assembled with magnet closures, ready to play.
*Sized to allow for sleeved cards (not larger toploaders).
**Additional Unit trays


Made from laser cut 3mm MDF + N52 neo-dymium magnets. Box dimensions approx 30x20x5cm with trays as shown.