TTCombat- Industrial Hive- Iron Labyrinth Floors


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TTCombat- Industrial Hive- Iron Labyrinth Floors

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A little solid ground among uncertain floors. As the spire goes up so must the labyrinth.

Designed to be compatible with board tiles from a popular gang based skirmish game. Iron Labyrinth Floors let you go from 2 to 3 dimensions without sacrificing the connectivity of our Iron Labyrinth Kits

This kit includes 1 large floor with built in walls and connectors on all 4 sides. Also included is a small floor that lacks the walls and connectors, allowing you to include it between our other Iron Labyrinth kits.

Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly. We advise using PVA glue for the best results. Miniature and board tile not included and for scale only.