Marvel Crisis Protocol – Doctor Voodoo and Hood


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Marvel Crisis Protocol – Doctor Voodoo and Hood


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More mystical forces arrive in Marvel : Crisis Protocol with the Doctor Voodoo and Hood Character Pack! Doctor Jericho Drumm is Doctor Voodoo, the Houngan Supreme. Combining magic and voodoo, he battles powerful otherworldly villains as an avenger of the supernatural. Opposite him is Parker Robbins, a petty criminal who clashed with a Nisanti demon and took its mystical cloak. Now, he uses the powerful magical abilities granted to him by the cloak to become the Hood, a dangerous crime lord and sorcerer.

This character pack brings these characters to life on the tabletop with three beautifully sculpted, unpainted miniatures, and invites players to unleash the Hood in both human and possessed forms. Already powerful, both Doctor Voodoo and Hood can enhance their magical abilities with three Team Tactic cards that allow them to perform a seance, shatter an opponent’s reality with the Plane of Pohldahk, and more!