Knights of Dice- Saresh Merchants House

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Knights of Dice- Saresh Merchants House

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The Saresh Clans are a nation of makers, builders and crafters known for their quality workmanship and sturdy techniques, and not particularly known as savvy traders or eager deal makers. Despite this, the long wearing and well crafted nature of their goods are highly sort out by the other nations of Tullarn, as well as trading between Clans who all possess their own areas of expertise. Mercantile trading is centralised within each village, with a small council of Merchants convening to organise trade and commerce both within the village and outside. Most villages contain large Merchant Houses that not only serve as quarters for the council and their families but also as fortified store houses for more valuable goods.  An outside traveller could be forgiven for mistaking these massive structures for a manor house of some minor lord or important official, though in truth, displays of wealth and opulence is considered to be vulgar and antithetical the values of the Saresh Clans.

The Merchant House kit is HUGE and is a very impressive site on the tabletop. It would look particularly cool on top of a hill as a watchhouse and should helped break up line of site for those pesky missile troops.

Approx. Dimensions:
Footprint: 262mm x 244mm
Height: 233mm