Knights of Dice- Na’Sain Shrine

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Knights of Dice- Na’Sain Shrine

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These elaborate carved shrines depicting the Na’Sain serpent god The Rau’Kin are ubiquitous in the chartered cities throughout the theocratic Kingdom of Na’Sain. The council of Na’Sain Elders mandate that every settlement contain public spaces dedicated to The Rau’Kin, as places of worship, reverence and pilgrimage. Though the Council has disavowed the practice of human sacrifice to The Rau’Kin since the great reformation, some world weary travellers tell tale of vicious rituals that still go on in the clandestine hours under the pale moon.

The Na’Sain Shrine kit is constructed from 3mm and 1.8mm detail parts. It makes a perfect centrepiece for you RPG adventure, a great objective piece for your fantasy wargame or even an elaborate magical portal in a sci-fi setting on some backwater world.

Model Dimensions:

Approx. Footprint: 287mm x 242mm

Height: 159mm