Knights of Dice- Electric Lock Boxes

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Knights of Dice- Electric Lock Boxes

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Need to a secure line to contact your fence and your wireless connection is just a little too public? These metered C.A.T Terminals are scattered all over Easy District, allowing would be code slingers and assorted scoundrels a place to access the infogrid without the prying eyes of Cyclops Security Corp. (Though its an open secret that the underlying secure tech behind the terminals is the proprietary IP of Cyclops corp, so any true notion of security is  an agreed upon fiction).

This kit is constructed from 1.8mm MDF and 3mm Fluorescent Acrylic pieces that really pop when put on the table. Each Terminal fits perfectly on a 40mm round base. It contains 2x C.A.T Access Terminals, and make excellent high tech objectives for games such as Reality’s Edge, Infinity, Killteam, Warhammer 40k, Shadowrun or other Sci-fi gaming.