Knights of Dice- Cypher Dynasty Stasis Tomb


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Knights of Dice- Cypher Dynasty Stasis Tomb

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The immortal Kings of the Cypher Dynasty awaken once more! After spending a epoch slumbering inside their rejuvenating Stasis Pyramids, the living metal of hoards are once again ready be be commanded to reek havoc on an unsuspecting universe!

The Stasis Crypt is the smallest of the pyramidal structures in the Cypher Dynasty range and is compatible with the rest of the modular pieces in the Cypher Dynasty line. It acts really well as a stand alone structure, or as the top piece for a massive pyramid, allowing you to add it on top of the Stasis Vault and Stasis Crypt to create a super tall and impressive centrepiece for your table and to give your big stompy robots some much needed cover! Add on some doors from the Stasis Door pack or use the Immortals Hall or Immortals Chamber to link two or more Stasis pyramids together to get sprawling structures that take up a decent chunk of real estate!