Knights of Dice- Arcway Portal

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Knights of Dice- Arcway Portal

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Once confined to their ancient dead worlds, the threat of the Cypher Dynasty has become ever present during the Terminus Australis campaign as their enigmatic and esoteric technologies have once again become live! The awakening of the Cypher Kings has allowed the legions of living metal to once again harness their Arcway Portal technology, allowing them to spread their seed of destruction to countless unsuspecting worlds!

This is a huge model! It makes and excellent centrepiece or objective model for your models to fight over! It features a removable acrylic piece for the portal gate, so you can swap it in and out depending on weather the portal is “on’ or “off”

Made from 3mm MDF and 3mm Acrylic. This product is sold as a flat-pack kit. It is sold unpainted and requires assembly