Dropfleet Commander- Resistance: Trident Battleship


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Dropfleet Commander- Resistance: Trident Battleship

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This set contains 1 Resistance Battleship, able to be built as either a Trident or Olympus. With loads of extra parts and a modular design, this massive ship can be built in over 4000 different combinations!

The main hull can be built either front-heavy or rear-heavy, and you have a choice of two different engine blocks and two different prows. With all of this variation you can build a chunky front with a hammerhead in the classic pre-war style (known as the Trident or Olympus), or a rear-heavy catamaran style double turret reminiscent of later designs adopted by Kalium (frequently referred to as an Elysium or Eden build).

In addition to the two different sets of broadsides, the kit comes with three different keel and cockpit sections, which can be placed in three places around the ship. All are multi-purpose, which means no two Battleships need be the same.

The Trident design of ship mounts colossal batteries of Artillery Cannons. These Low Power weapons can be fired in addition to any others, so even on Standard Order you can fire two Mass Driver Turrets and the full broadsides.

The Olympus class meanwhile trades reliability for all-out damage with two batteries of Mega Vent Cannons. Lots of Attack, Damage, and the ability to Overcharge makes these very formidable weapons, although watch out for how Unstable they are!

Contains 1 multi-part resin miniature able to be assembled in two variants (with loads of different combinations), and a plastic Dropfleet Commander base and flight stand.

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.