Dropfleet Commander- PHR Command Cards



Dropfleet Commander PHR Command Cards

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The Post-Human Republic has exceeded their biological counter-parts in many ways. Technologically they are far superior, bringing thick armour and outrageous broadside weapons to space battles. But it is perhaps their cognition that has undergone the largest leap. Able to out-think a regular human many times over, making decisions faster and with more forethought makes them dangerous foes.

This pack contains 56 Command Cards to use during your games. From the stealthy ECM Field Generator to the frustrating Drive Hack (frustrating to your opponent that is), the DFC PHR Command Cards provide great fun and a huge amount of unique feeling to playing a PHR Fleet.

With distinct Dropfleet styling and easy to read rules, this deck is the ideal purchase for any aspiring PHR admirals, all the better for showing those colonials what they missed out on.

Made from high quality playing card material, these cards are standard playing card sized, fitting into regular card sleeves.