Delta One Zero- Black Winter

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Bonza Games Delta One Zero Black Winter
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Delta One Zero: The Miniatures Game, is a tabletop skirmish wargame, set in the 21st century. Choose your faction, select your Command options, arm your squads and send them on their mission!

The game is a squad-based action game, where forces comprise between 5 to 12 models aside and players compete in either scenario driven or competitive games.


12 detailed multi part metal miniatures

UKPF Corporal
UKPF Sergeant
UKPF Medic
3 x UKPF Riflemen
MRB Kommisar
MRB Serzhant
MRB Pulemetechik
3 x MRB Streloks

12 model 25mm plastic bases

12 model reference cards

36 Tactical Cards

36 Wound Cards

3 Command Cards

26 page Learn to Play Guide

5 ten sided dice

Wound, Stress and game tokens

Four Order Generators and selector clips

6 cut out shipping containers