Carnevale: Venetian District


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Venice has turned into a bustling metropolis. Since the Rent in the Sky opened and drowned much of Europe, the city remains unscathed and poised in the perfect position to become the continent’s new hub of trade.

Sitting on the Adriatic Sea, it is a place on water, the City of Canals.

Those canals seem to be constantly shifting as the city expands. What was water one day may be dredged up the next. What was a canal last week may now just be a pile of rubble. And that is before the strange, otherworldly phenoma that plague the city. Creatures live beneath the waves, magic abounds, and gangs roam the streets at night, vying for their own patch to call home.

With the constant skirmishes, allegiances change daily, with entire districts passing control between parties at a moment’s notice. It’s an interesting time to live in Venice, provided you don’t fall in with the wrong people.

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This pack contains 9 beautifully detailed 12″ x 12″ card gaming tiles. Printed on heavy card they are a great gaming surface to fight through in your games of Carnevale.

One side is lavish with detail of canals, with plenty of plaza sections to complement the sturgid water.

On the back you’ll find entire water tiles, each uniquely detailed. These are perfect for making wider canals, or for using in conjunction with our MDF Tabletop Scenics plaza tiles to create a fully three-dimensional gaming board.