Carnevale: The Doctors Dice


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Hidden away in the Ospedale San Servolo Dei Malati di Mente, the Doctors are free to perform their perverse experiments on the downtrodden of Venice. Their bizarre practices turn madness into magic, and with the horrific conditions they keep their patients in, there’s no shortness of madness.

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To provide the best luck (or just look nice) when playing as the sociopathic Doctors, there’s no better choice than rolling their own dice!

Alternatively, these dice are perfect for any faction for keeping track of remaining Will Points on your gang members!

This pack contains 12 ten-sided dice; 10 in The Doctors blue (the colour of their magic instruments!), and 2 Destiny dice in white. Each number is delicately etched on, with the Carnevale lion taking the place of the 10. Not only that, but the 7, 8, 9 and lion are filled in a complementary colour, making spotting Aces easier than ever!