Battle Kiwi- Infinity Template and Ruler Set


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Battle Kiwi- Infinity Template and Ruler Set

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The Infinity template set you need!

Get the tools to fight your Infinity battles the best you can! This template set covers all your weapon needs for Infinity the game. Both small and large weapon templates are included and nest inside each other for easier storage. The blast template also features the scatter numbers for wayward airdrops.

+ a tactical ruler featuring 6″, 4″ 2″ and 1″ side for fast play & quick accurate troop measurements.

* Now includes our smoke template set! *

Set Includes:

  • Small Template
  • Large Template
  • Blast Template
  • 4 x small smoke markers
  • 4 x smoke/explosion quarter circles
  • Range Ruler

Comes with protective layer – Paint engraved areas before removal for a high contrast look!