Battle Kiwi- Dark Castle


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Battle Kiwi- Dark Castle

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The Power of the Dark Side

The Dark Castle is a highly impressive fortress of epicness, sure to be a stand out feature on any table. It’s dark menacing presence will intimidate those foolish enough to attempt to storm the towering walls. The castle comes fully pre-primed in black as shown in images.

Designed with Star Wars Legion in mind, the base of the tower sits just below Range 1, allowing game play to flow both around and over, while providing a good footprint for blocking long lines of fire across the table. Again keeping game play firmly in mind, the top of the tower has an optional ‘sniper spike’, allowing you to block usage of the very top should you wish to stop the eagle perch from dominating firelanes.
Of course the Dark Castle will work equally well for many tabletop games. Roleplaying in the Star Wars universe would be ideal, or battling it out in the 40K grim dark, or even a fantasy world.

The Dark Castle also breaks down into separate parts. Meaning you essentially have 3 terrain pieces! This is great for changing things up between games for a different look, or trying out alternative exciting layouts. Flipping the base unit upside, you can then fit the parts into it too, for easier storage when not playing.