A Song of Ice and Fire- Veterans of the Watch


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A Song of Ice and Fire- Veterans of the Watch

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Far in the north of Westeros, The Wall protects the civilized lands from the dangers that lurk beyond. Manning The Wall is the Night’s Watch. These discarded sons of Westeros have sworn to protect those that cast them out against any and all that might threaten them. Such conditions are harsh, and not many survive to become veterans. However, those that do are some of the fiercest fighters in all the land.


• Veterans exccel at holding objectives, boasting superior Defense and Morale.

• Target the biggest threat in the opposing army and engage them with your Veterans- no foe can easily take them down

• Bolster their power with the right Vow: “The Shield of the Realms of Men” to make them unbreakable, “The Sword in the Darkness” to increase their already-considerable offensive might.

• A great unti to protect your Commander: Veteran can create the perfect center-point to your army.